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NEW Prestan Infant CPR Manikin / Baby CPR Manikin & Supplies

Prestan Infant CPR Manikins and products are affordable and are equiped with new REAL-TIME chest compression inicator and realistic response action. The only innovative professional infant manikin that is used today! NEW! See the brand new professional Prestan Family CPR & AED Manikin Family Pack! Also see our Prestan Adult CPR & AED Manikin & Prestan Child CPR Manikin.

Prestan Infant CPR Manikins including a REAL-TIME Chest Compression indicator

Prestan Baby CPR & AED Manikins serve as Pediatric CPR Manikins & Pediatric  AED Manikin ~ Watch the Prestan CPR Manikin Video below to learn more about the amazing new Prestan Products CPR & AED line

Prestan Infant CPR Manikins with REAL-TIME Chest Compression indicator

Prestan Infant CPR & AED Manikin Accessories